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U’i (oo-ee) Leilani (lay-LUH-nee) in its Hawaiian literal form means “beautiful heavenly flowers”.  My name is Leilani and I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children, my three beautiful flowers from heaven, who were the inspiration behind the name U’i Leilani Images.

I work in the wedding industry as a photographer as well as portrait photography.  As I am in the works in wedding preparations myself, I do live vicariously behind the lens at weddings and ensure that the images are what I  want to capture if it were my wedding. Plus, beautiful picturesque images gets me a bit emotional, so I do it in such a way that builds that same feeling with the viewers, and most particularly, the clients.

A wedding is quick and it’s run by a strict schedule.  It is during these times that a photographer should capture the best moments as effectively as artitistically and as much as possible.  You are on a time limit and working within a realistic time frame will give you the best outcome for your photographic needs.

Here is a sample of a bride who was going up the stairs to meet her groom (waiting at the top of the stairs) to sign their legal papers:

This shot took less than a minute to do.  The bride and groom had a four-hour window at their venue.  So a quick shot, in addition to attention to details, is essential when you have limitations with time.  You will not find a quick marathon-photographer such as myself to lessen your worries about time restrictions AND gain great photos to make your wedding a memorable day.  You and your guests will appreciate your memories being taken in ways that are considerate of you and your party.  Additionally, they turn out beautiful! Check out the Gallery

I am from Kirkland, WA and do work in and around the Puget Sound area.  I go as far as Bellingham and all the way down to Vancouver, WA.  So if you are looking for someone to depend on, I would be the person to contact.  Please feel free to fill out the Contact Form to inquire within.

My outlook on life is to enjoy the moment: Don’t look back, move forward, and don’t look too far ahead or you might miss something.  ~Leilani Olson V.



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