Wedding/Event Estimates

Applies to weddings, religious or non-denominational events, reunions, parties of 25 or more people, etc.

Prices start at $1500. There is no consultation fee. Upon deciding on my service, a 1/4 of a down payment fee is required a week after your decision (Fee Schedule Part I). Another 1/4 is due a month prior to the event (Fee Schedule Part II). The final payment is due a week before the event (Final Fee Schedule).  I am hoping that this will help you save and look ahead at what your finances look like as you move forward towards your wedding day!

Couples Portraiture clients: If you purchased a Non-Event Package, the difference will be reflected into any of the packages below, saving you money.  For example, if you purchased the Couples Portraiture Package 1 for $375 and you choose Wedding/Event Package 2, you pay only $1325 with Fee Schedule 1 @ $331.25, Fee Schedule II @ $331.25 and Final Fee Schedule @ $662.50. Without the CP Package I: Fee Schedule 1 @ $425, Fee Schedule 2 @ $425, Final Fee Schedule @ $850.  To put it simply, an Engagement/Non-Event Packages is FREE when any of the packages are purchased below.

Images are through a secondary party, where they send off your print-orders to a lab used by professional photographers around the world.  If you choose to have a physical album, I go through a different lab, while all other orders go through Shootproof. You may choose to have the images on a USB, however, I highly recommend uploading the images via Shootproof into your drive for convenience and easy delivery.  No RAW images will be delivered, no exceptions.

Please note: additional images are $30/photo. This pricing reflects time spent on a RAW image using highly acclaimed professional photography tools and third-party opinions by pro photogs looking over and critiquing images.